Les Will Focus on Issues to Improve Our Daily Quality of Life

Public Safety:

Beverly Hills has over 30,000 residents. During the day, our population swells to 250,000 which puts enormous pressure

on our Police and Fire.


We must ensure our Police and Fire Departments are fully-staffed and have the resources necessary to invest in life-saving

equipment and training, properly respond to emergencies and increase patrols in our neighborhoods.



We can’t get rid of traffic but we can get smart about it. Traffic needs to be analyzed under current conditions and future



We need to devise a Traffic Efficiency Master Plan and invest in new technologies and programs to get cars moving

through the City.



Too much of our traffic is self-generated by cars circling the block looking for a place to park and I am committed to

maintaining our 2-hour free city parking policy.


More public parking is needed, especially on South Beverly and in the Southeast, and believe all future development must

include a public parking component.



Proposed development surrounding the subway requires proper oversight and planning so it is controlled, and more

importantly, benefits our city.


Therefore, projects should be in character with the surrounding neighborhood, provide low traffic impact and contain a

public parking component to maintain our high standards.


Fiscal Responsibility:

While the city's current financial condition is strong, we must exercise proper budgetary oversight and a vigilant outlook

for the future.


We should invest in infrastructure enhancements and continue to pay down our unfunded pension liabilities so we stay

well-positioned to maintain the level of services our community deserves and expects.


Government Transparency:

Listening to the concerns and suggestions of our residents is the foundation of good government.


To ensure your voice is heard as a dedicated member of our Council, I plan to institute regular Council Member office

hours to foster a more responsive and accessible city government.

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